The elusive Princess Wonder Boots started this web blog so as to write an eternal love poem for her beloved Prince High Top Shoe through the song and prose of others. She is a very lazy individual who often sleeps until 3 or 4 pm most days she is not working her very important high end job. While Wonder Boots lacks a car, she does have her trusty Unicorn, Open Toe, to depend on. Often times, though, Boots will double park the magical beast leading to many an unfortunate tow job. Pun intended! hahaha!


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  1. Besides my own… this is probably my favorite blog (run by a close friend) of all times. And i tell everyone about it. And everyone loves it. And Lucy likes your Kelis post. And I don’t know where you find the amazing doll pictures. You told me her actual name but I forgets a lots. I are tireds goodnights to you. I likes to ads an ‘S’s wheres not necessaries. : ) I’m ur biggest fan I’ll follow you if you follow me. Blogger Blogerazzi. Much <3s. I are dumbdumb.

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